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Phase 1

Pre-Campaign Preparation

Through strategic planning, team building, and data collection, we are poised to deliver a vision that puts Houston first and resonates with its diverse communities. With a dedicated team by our side, we are ready to embark on this transformative journey, driven by a shared commitment to a better, united Houston.

February 2027

Houston, TX

Phase 2

Campaign Launch and Outreach

Campaign Launch and Outreach, our vision comes to life as we officially announce our mayoral candidacy and engage directly with the community. Through a series of dynamic events and listening tours, we prioritize understanding the concerns and aspirations of Houston's residents. With policy proposals in hand, we stand ready to build bridges and foster a deeper connection with the people, united in our commitment to make Houston a city that thrives for all.

May 2027

Houston, TX

Phase 3

Campaign Execution

Campaign Execution, our momentum accelerates as we mobilize our supporters and drive engagement throughout Houston. Through effective voter registration and Get-Out-The-Vote efforts, we are determined to amplify our impact on Election Day. With a vibrant media presence and active participation in debates and forums, we showcase our dedication to delivering real solutions and being the voice of positive change in our city.

July 2027

Houston, TX

Phase 4

Final Weeks and Election Day

Final Weeks and Election Day, the culmination of our tireless efforts is here as we rally our supporters and drive voter turnout. With high-energy campaign events and targeted Get-Out-The-Vote initiatives, we leave no stone unturned in encouraging citizens to cast their ballots. As the excitement builds, we stand strong, united by a shared vision, ready to lead Houston towards a brighter and more prosperous future.

November 2027

Houston, TX

Phase 5

Post-Election and Follow-Up

Post-Election and Follow-Up, we reflect on the journey, grateful for the support and dedication of our community. Regardless of the election results, our commitment to Houston's betterment remains unwavering. We continue to engage with the community, advocating for our policies, and working hand in hand to make Houston a city where everyone can thrive.

January 2027

Houston, TX

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