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mission & vision

The Plan

Our Mission & Vision

New City. New Future.

Overhauling Our Technology

Revitalizing Houston's Technological Landscape, Empowering a Future-Proof City so we can lead the way in innovation.

Crack Down On Violent Crime

strategic measures to enhance law enforcement efforts, strengthen community partnerships, and intervention programs to safeguard our city.

Houston is the Home Of Big Business

Targeted support and resources for small businesses within the bilingual community of Houston, contributing to the vibrant diversity of our city's economy.



Vote for
Frank Meta Lopez

Frank Lopez is a visionary leader and successful small business owner who is dedicated to putting Houston first. With a passion for community empowerment and a track record of results, Frank Lopez brings a fresh perspective and practical approach to address the pressing issues facing our city. Committed to improving public safety, supporting small businesses, and embracing technological innovation.

mission & vision

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